female wrestler


5 ft. 8 in.

141 lbs.

China loves to wrestle 100% competitively against anyone who is willing to do the same, male or female. This voluptuous lady from Argentina intimidates other wrestlers with her size, and loves to force opponents to submit to her 38DD breast smothers or facesitting.

Chyna first wrestled for us during her off-season, and returned to wrestle for us again almost one year later when she was in peak, bodybuilding, contest-ready shape against Jennifer Thomas. Notice the difference in the photos from each time period. What a sensational, muscular, bodybuilding professional and amazingly strong, competitive wrestler!

China Smith's videos

  • WW14 Nina Muscle vs. China Smith, Topless Submissions Wrestling
  • WW18 Jennifer Thomas vs. China Smith, Female Submissions Wrestling



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Nina vs. China Smith

Meet our two, newest, proud additions to the WomanvsWoman.Com roster, Nina and China. Both South America women are competitive bodybuilders, who love to wrestle women and men competitively. The girls are strong and love proving it on the mat. This match is full of great headlocks, body and head scissors, not to mention school girl and smother pins in the sexy topless battle for the muscle diva title at our club. China is built like a brick house with huge 44DD breasts that she can't resist using as weapons of warfare against the powerful and agile Nina. Nina loves showing off her hard body and displays at times an awesome show of power and control over the slightly larger China, with long, tight scissor holds to wear down the busty, tough woman...more


Jennifer Thomas vs. China Smith

This was to be a best 2 out of 3 submissions match. When the fight began, there were no reservations whatsoever in the way that China aggressively attacked Jennifer, throwing the smaller girl down and crushing her into the mat with excruciatingly long and painful holds. Jennifer fought back with all her might against the ripped amazon, and fought through the pain and pressure to trap China in vengeful, retaliatory holds of her own that had China breathing hard and groaning in pain. These women used headlocks, leg locks, long body pins, grapevines, facesitting pins, intense grappling and sheer brute strength. The assault went back and forth relentlessly...more















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