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Gia Primo is one of the best pound for pound female fighters around today. She has lots of experience and is skilled in wrestling, grappling and jiu-jitsu. She has done some matches for us that have been quite competitive, and others that were a lot of fun.

Anyone who has wrestled her will attest to her skills and power on the mat, especially those insane scissors. Grapevines too, arm locks, whatever she wants pretty much.

Gia's videos

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  • GG3 Gia Primo vs. Robert, Mixed Wrestling
  • GG6 Larissa & Gia vs. Robert, 2 Against 1 Mixed Wrestling
  • WW8 Gia Primo vs. Samanatha, Bedroom Catfight
  • WW19 Gia Primo vs. Larissa, Bedroom Catfighting
  • WW25 Katie Cummings vs. Monica, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW26 Katie Cummings vs. Lee, Dark Angel, Competitive Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW29 Katie Cummings vs. Gia Primo, Topless Wrestling Catfight



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Gia Primo vs. Samantha

Gia and Samantha tussled from one bed to another locking each other in scissor holds, grapevines, and smothering holds to submissions of pain or mere exhaustion. Gia did a lot of trash talking as she stretched Samantha out in some painful holds. Samantha spent a lot of time in humiliating schoolgirl and smother pins; she hung on for a long time and sometimes escaped, but usually the punishment was too much and she was made to submit to the dominant Gia. At times it seemed that Samantha might even be enjoying the abuse that Gia is more than happy to give, as Gia taunted and teased her even more. Both of these ladies have knockout bodies, and they look amazing entwined around one another as they roll all over the place...more


Gia Primo vs. Robert

When we told Robert that Gia was 5 ft. 3 in. and 115 lbs. and that the match would be on a pair of hotel beds pushed together instead of mixed wrestling mats, he got the impression that he was going to have an easy and fun match. What we didn't tell him is that Gia is extremely well trained in martial arts, jiu-jitsu, and submission grappling. Gia has a gorgeous body and a beautiful face. She works out seriously; her muscles are beautifully toned like a fitness models. And, damn, can this girl wrestle! Robert outweighs Gia by 60 lbs. and is 7 inches taller. He's pretty strong too, but he's no match for Gia's skill and experience. She forces him to submit again and again...more


Gia & Larissa vs. Robert

2 Against 1 Mixed Wrestling

Two beautiful girls at the same time. It's practically every man's fantasy. But when it comes to wrestling two beautiful girls at the same time...well, a man just may get more than what he bargained for...well, at least that's what happens when this guy makes an appointment to wrestle with both Gia in a tiny red thong bikini and petite, Russian babe, Larissa. The action is hot, sexy, and the girls have a fun time wrestling down this tough guy and punishing him...more


Larissa vs. Gia Primo

Our new, sexy, petite, Russian catfighter and wrestler, Larissa, challenged experienced wrestler and judoka, Gia to a hot catfight in her hotel room. While Larissa goes into the bathroom to change into a shiny gold g-string bikini, Gia impatiently waits on the bed for her. When Larissa finally comes out, Gia is ready to fight, and the catfight is on. Both ladies have beautiful bodies, and tussle from one bed to the other in the room. Larissa has only had a few matches before this one, and Gia is a very experienced fighter. Both ladies earn submissions until the match ends, and a winner is determined. Some of the holds in this match are body scissors, head scissors, reverse head scissors, cross pins, grapevines, armlocks, breast smothers, facesitting and sleeper holds...more





Monica vs. Gia Primo

In this match, Gia must face our very fit and strong latina, Monica Villalobos. Compared to Gia's about a decade of experience, Monica has about a year of wrestling experience, but Monica works out in the gym 5 times a week and does cardio 4 times a week. When we asked her if she felt intimidated by Gia's years of wrestling, grappling, jiu-jitsu and all around fighting experience, her response was that she has no fear of any opponent and has lots of endurance and toughness, which help her withstand and escape punishing holds and scissors. Gia and Monica are very close in size, and have beautiful figures. Gia looks like an action figure built for physical combat, and Monica thighs and calves look very strong...more


Lee, Dark Angel vs. Gia Primo

This is a competitive, submissions wrestling match. The first wrestler to obtain 3 submissions from their opponent wins. These 2 wrestlers have a long rivalry ever since their first match at a tournament when they competitively wrestled for 1 submission in an untimed match in 2006. Lee won that match. Later in a multiple submissions match that followed, Gia won. Now this is the first time they have met in over 5 years, and one can only hope that the wrestlers are filled with the same anticipation for this fight that we are…more


Katie Cummings vs. Gia Primo

Sexy Katie Cummings, takes on Gia Primo in this topless catfight match. Katie is hot as hell, and Gia is looking super fit. Both girls talk a lot of trash and get into dominating each other. Breast mauling, smothering, facesitting, and hairpulling (only to gain an advantage) were all allowed and encouraged in this semi-competitive level catfighting match between veteran and newcomer. Katie uses her thick, beautiful ass and large, natural breasts to completely smother Gia's face. The girls engage in body scissors, tight headlocks, schoolgirl pins, reverse schoolgirl pins, headscissors and more. Katie gets very aggressive and really enjoys dominating Gia with her ass and tits. Gia dishes out plently of punishment on Katie too...more























































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