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Welcome adult film star and wrestler, Katie Cummings, to WomanvsWoman! She's so voluptuous and pretty with tantalizing curves in all the right places, and in our opinion is hotter than another very famous, curvy, blonde supermodel with a similar name. However, this busty babe isn't just hot as hell; she can really wrestle, and it's obvious that she loves to wrestle too! She uses her thick, beautiful ass and large, natural breasts to completely smother opponents into submission or “heaven” depending on your perspective.

Her sassy, sexy, fun personality really comes out too in each fight with her verbal teasing and taunting of her victims. Like I said, Katie loves to wrestle! She enjoys dominating, and she seems to only get more aggressive as her clothing disappears.

Katie Cummings videos

  • WW29 Katie Cummings vs. Gia Primo, Topless Catfight Submissions
  • GG9 Katie Cummings vs. Robert, Nude Mixed Wrestling



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Katie Cummings vs. Gia Primo

Sexy Katie Cummings, takes on Gia Primo in this topless catfight match. Katie is hot as hell, and Gia is looking super fit. Both girls talk a lot of trash and get into dominating each other. Breast mauling, smothering, facesitting, and hairpulling (only to gain an advantage) were all allowed and encouraged in this semi-competitive level catfighting match between veteran and newcomer. Katie uses her thick, beautiful ass and large, natural breasts to completely smother Gia's face. The girls engage in body scissors, tight headlocks, schoolgirl pins, reverse schoolgirl pins, headscissors and more. Katie gets very aggressive and really enjoys dominating Gia with her ass and tits. Gia dishes out plently of punishment on Katie too...more


Katie Cummings vs. Robert

This is a semi-competitive, nude, mixed wrestling match. Katie begins by wrestling in a sexy, thong bikini, then after the first fall goes topless, and then she decides after the second fall to remove everything for the second half of this 20 minute match. Katie Cummings is so voluptuous and absolutely gorgeous with tantalizing curves in all the right places, and in our opinion is hotter than another very famous, curvy, blonde supermodel named Kate. However, this busty babe isn't just hot; she can really wrestle too! And it's quite obvious that she loves to wrestle! She truly enjoys controlling Robert, and using her sexy, fit body in any way to dominate this match...more

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Megan Jones vs. Jason

This is a semi-competitive nude mixed wrestling match, but Megan is really out to prove to Jason that she easily can hold her own against him and make him to submit with her powerful thighs. She is a tall, thick latina. The sexy Cuban girl verbally taunts Jason as she crushes him in scissors or stretches him out in painful grapevines. Jason's a proud guy, and is certainly not interested in looking like a wimp. Good thing he never got to see his red face was when Megan would apply pressure on her headlocks and head scissors. Once he realizes that she's not the least bit scared to really fight with him, he attacks her with scissors that have her groaning in pain and an interesting, reverse cradle hold that really has her suffering. If you enjoy seeing a nude mixed wrestling match with female only nudity that remains competitive, then you'll thoroughly enjoy this hot, wild brawl... more

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Gia & Larissa vs. Robert

2 Against 1 Mixed Wrestling

Two beautiful girls at the same time. It's practically every man's fantasy. But when it comes to wrestling two beautiful girls at the same time...well, a man just may get more than what he bargained for...well, at least that's what happens when this guy makes an appointment to wrestle with both Gia in a tiny red thong bikini and petite, Russian babe, Larissa. The action is hot, sexy, and the girls have a fun time wrestling down this tough guy and punishing him...more






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