female wrestler


5 ft. 3 in.

116 lbs.

Larissa is a sexy, Russian catfighter and wrestler. She's beautiful, petite, quite fit, feisty and determined. She is training at a dojo in submissions wrestling and grappling.

Larissa's videos

  • ER13 Mutiny vs. Larissa, Sensual Erotic Catfight
  • WW19 Larissa vs. Gia Primo, Bedroom Catfight
  • GG6 Gia & Larissa vs. Robert, 2 Against 1 Mixed Wrestling



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Mutiny vs. Larissa

Both girls agreed to a wrestling match with the winner being determined as the one who earned the most submissions or orgasms from the loser.

Although this match is topless, not fully nude, it may be the most erotic fight that we have produced! It also runs longer than our matches usually do because they just keep going at it. Sexy, petite, Russian newcomer, Larissa, wrestles against experienced wrestler, Mutiny. Both girls are up to the challenge of giving the most orgasms to the other to prove themself the better woman. Tribad, pussy to pussy grinding, facesitting, intertwined thighs rubbing against crotches. These girls will use anything to get the other one off: legs, calves, feet, hands, lips, kissing, breast grabbing, etc. The verbal exchanges back and forth only add to the heat...more


Gia & Larissa vs. Robert

2 Against 1 Mixed Wrestling

Two beautiful girls at the same time. It's practically every man's fantasy. But when it comes to wrestling two beautiful girls at the same time...well, a man just may get more than what he bargained for...well, at least that's what happens when this guy makes an appointment to wrestle with both Gia in a tiny red thong bikini and petite, Russian babe, Larissa. The action is hot, sexy, and the girls have a fun time wrestling down this tough guy and punishing him...more


Larissa vs. Gia Primo

Our new, sexy, petite, Russian catfighter and wrestler, Larissa, challenged experienced wrestler and judoka, Gia to a hot catfight in her hotel room. While Larissa goes into the bathroom to change into a shiny gold g-string bikini, Gia impatiently waits on the bed for her. When Larissa finally comes out, Gia is ready to fight, and the catfight is on. Both ladies have beautiful bodies, and tussle from one bed to the other in the room. Larissa has only had a few matches before this one, and Gia is a very experienced fighter. Both ladies earn submissions until the match ends, and a winner is determined. Some of the holds in this match are body scissors, head scissors, reverse head scissors, cross pins, grapevines, armlocks, breast smothers, facesitting and sleeper holds...more





































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