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The Dark Angel, Lee is a veteran wrestler with years of experience. In her career she has made a reputation for herself of having extremely strong scissor holds that cause excruciating pain. Her very long, smooth, shapely legs have been verifiably referred to as pythons by victims who have wrestled her and been scissored by her.

She enjoys wrestling competitively against women or men, but we agree with Lee that semi-competitive is always best for your first match against someone you've never wrestled. Dark Angel is also a very popular sessions wrestler and an opponent you will not forget wrestling against, whether you're a man or a woman.

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  • GG2 Lee, Dark Angel vs. Robert, Competitive Mixed Wrestling
  • GG7 Lee, Dark Angel vs. Bruttas, Unevenly Matched Mixed Wrestling
  • WW24 Storm vs. Lee, Dark Angel, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW26 Gia Primo vs. Lee, Dark Angel, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW30 Melania vs. Lee, Dark Angel, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW31 Kelli vs. Lee, Dark Angel, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW32 Cleopatra vs. Lee, Dark Angel, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW33 Miyaa vs. Lee, Dark Angel, Female Submission Wrestling



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Lee, Dark Angel vs. Robert

This competitive mixed wrestling match in a wrestling ring is a "must have" for any fan very competitive mixed wrestling or Lee, the Dark Angel! Lee is a veteran wrestler with several years of experience. During her career she has made a reputation for herself of having extremely strong scissor holds that cause excruciating pain. Her very long, smooth, shapely legs have been referred to as pythons by victims who have wrestled her. The cries and groans that you will hear from her male opponent in this match are as real as it gets! His cockiness and attitude towards Lee gets him a lot more than he bargained for. Most of the match has Lee squeezing him again and again in head and body scissor holds with incredible pressure...more


Lee, Dark Angel vs. Bruttas

This isn't your ordinary mixed wrestling match up, but Lee isn't one to back away from any challenge man or woman, even when the guy seems about 3 times her size. Lee has been doing more weight training and is looking very fit. Anyone who has wrestled her also knows that her legs are really dangerous. Being caught in her scissors is intensely painful for most and submission usually comes quick, but she has all she can do to get her legs wrapped around him. Bodyscissors, what? Not happening, so she resorts to using scissor holds on his head, neck and around his arm/neck to barely much effect. Lee is squeezed in some tight bearhugs and he even snaps on a few bodyscissors on her. Those are some painful sounds she makes while being squeezed to death...more


Storm vs. Lee, Dark Angel

Sexy, muscle girl, Storm is the opponent that was chosen for Lee. The big question on everyone's mind was, "Would Lee's skill and experience give her the advantage, or would Storm be ready to use that perfect weapon of a body and her strength to defeat the respected veteran?" When the girls met for the first time, it was obvious that they both had a lot of respect for each other. Lee seemed even just a little intimidated by Storm's size and muscularity. Storm has been getting into contest shape since her tough match here against Amy, and it definitely showed in her shoulders, arms and back....more


Lee, Dark Angel vs. Gia Primo

This is a competitive, submissions wrestling match. The first wrestler to obtain 3 submissions from their opponent wins. These 2 wrestlers have a long rivalry ever since their first match at a tournament when they competitively wrestled for 1 submission in an untimed match in 2006. Lee won that match. Later in a multiple submissions match that followed, Gia won. Now this is the first time they have met in over 5 years, and one can only hope that the wrestlers are filled with the same anticipation for this fight that we are…more












Lee, Dark Angel vs. Melania

Fans of long bearhugs and breastsmothering will enjoy how this match begins! First Lee sees how long she can stand to be squeezed by Melania. Melania squeezes Lee very hard, and the women are locked tightly together, breasts mashed together. Then it's Lee's turn to give it back to Melania. Lee squeezes hard again and again as she bearhugs the larger and taller girl, but Melania resists and fights through the pain. Lee continues to bearhug her with her face pressed against those beautiful, huge tits, and Melania tells her that she isn't going to give up ever...more


Lee, Dark Angel vs. Kelli

This is a well fought match by Kelli, a girl with some mixed martial arts experience, who can defeat her brother, versus the veteran, ebony, female wrestler, Lee the Dark Angel. After losing the first 2 falls, Kelli gets aggressive and goes on the offensive against Lee. Kelli is strong and shows some of her training beating Lee with a textbook triangle submission and a powerful reverse bodyscissors that the Dark Angel tries but cannot withstand. Fans of double reverse headscissors and bodyscissors will really like this competitive wrestling as these girls both try to force the other to submit to the hold as they pour on the pressure. This match goes to all 5 falls...more


Lee, Dark Angel vs. Cleopatra

At last these ebony queens meet in a semi-competitive wrestling match with one wrestler much bigger than her opponent. Lee and Cleopatra are both friends, and thought it would be fun to finally have a semi-competitive submission match to find out who is the better wrestler. This match was booked as non-topless, but Cleopatra constantly had inevitable wardrobe malfunctions that we considered selling this as topless then chose to sell it in the non-topless category it was intended for. It’s been a while since fans of Lee have seen her in a hot g-string bikini like the zebra outlined in red number she wears for this battle. Her dark, smooth skin is flawless and beautiful. And the thick, sexy curves of Cleopatra’s body and caramel skin are an interesting contrast against her leaner, muscular opponent. At one point she catches Lee in a reverse facesit, using her weight as she bounces firmly on Lee’s face. Not to be outdone by her larger rival, Lee retaliates with her arsenal of scissor holds and does some humiliating facesitting to Cleopatra too. These girls use bearhugs, forward and reverse headscissors and body scissors, breast smothering, facesitting, grapevine holds, and more as they struggle to win. The match goes to a third and final fall to determine a winner....more


Lee, Dark Angel vs. Miyaa

Finding good competition for our very experienced, strong, and skilled wrestler, Lee, the Dark Angel, is not an easy task. Sexy BBW Miyaa is new to wrestling, but her size, strength and agility make her a natural for wrestling. We gave her some good training and she did a couple mixed wrestling matches before coming to tangle with Lee. Miyaa’s scissors are VERY strong, and she makes sure that Lee feels her power in this competitive clash.

The winner is the wrestler who is the first to gain 3 submissions from their opponent, it takes 5 falls to determine a winner who makes sure the loser knows they lost. Lee finds herself in a lot of trouble with Miyaa’s crushing head and body scissors, and smothering reverse facesitting...more


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