female wrestler


5 ft. 9 in.

139 lbs.

Megan is a very talented and hugely popular female wrestler, who has been in many videos, but filmed her first wrestling videos of her career with Woman vs Woman.

Megan Jones videos

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  • TL11 Megan Jones vs. Vanessa Lynn, Topless Competitive Submission Wrestling
  • ER10 Megan Jones vs. Silky, Female Wrestling Sexfight
  • ER12 Megan Jones vs. Cleopatra, Female Wrestling Sexfight
  • MX10 Megan Jones vs. Jason, Nude Mixed Wrestling



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Megan Jones vs. Silky

Both girls agreed to a wrestling match with the winner being determined as the one who earned the most submissions or orgasms from the loser.

Silky is a fitness model and adult entertainer who has a tight, toned, sexy hard body and a gorgeous ass. She spends 3 days per week at the gym, but is mostly a naturally fit, athletic and very beautiful woman. Her smile and soft voice turn men into putty in her hands. Megan expressed interest in bringing her for a sex fight challenge. Silky was definitely interested in the challenge, and the fight was on. Megan's bra and Silky's bikini top did not stay on for long. These ladies were ready to remove their clothing and get down to business. Silky displayed great flexibility and acrobatic maneuvers. One minute she'd be losing and the next, Megan would be on her back trapped in a a schoolgirl pin...more


Megan Jones vs. Cleopatra

Ebony and Latina Bombshells Sexfight

Both girls agreed to a wrestling match with the winner being determined as the one who earned the most submissions or orgasms from the loser.

Introducing Cleopatra! This Nubian goddess is so amazingly hot! We are extremely proud to feature her in our roster of wrestling stars! Such a beautiful face, sexy bedroom eyes, lovely smile, and a body with more curves than the Autobahn! These tall, buxom girls roll and twist themselves into the hottest positions and holds all throughout this sexfight challenge. Cleopatra said, "I prefer to do erotic matches with girls over any other type of match." Megan shares some of the same sentiments, and had been looking forward to wrestling a tall, busty challenger like herself...more


Megan Jones vs. Jason

This is a semi-competitive nude mixed wrestling match, but Megan is really out to prove to Jason that she easily can hold her own against him and make him to submit with her powerful thighs. She is a very tall, thick, strong latina. The sexy Cuban girl verbally taunts Jason as she crushes him in scissors or stretches him out in painful grapevines. Jason's a proud guy, and is certainly not interested in looking like a wimp. Good thing he never got to see how red his face was when Megan would apply pressure on her headlocks and head scissors. Once he realizes that she's not the least bit scared to really fight with him, he attacks her with scissors that have her groaning in pain and an interesting, reverse cradle hold that really has her suffering. If you enjoy seeing a nude mixed wrestling match with female only nudity that remains competitive, then you'll thoroughly enjoy this hot, wild brawl...more


Megan Jones vs. Vanessa Lynn

Megan Jones and Vanessa Lynn really go all out to humiliate and dominate one another in this competitive, topless wrestling match. Both ladies were really looking forward to this match for a long time and the anticipation and tension could be felt. Megan was the strong favorite to win, having a 4 inch height and 25 lb. weight advantage, but Vanessa proved herself to be a tough adversary and a naturally talented wrestler. Vanessa is only 19 years old and had only wrestled once before this match, but was very agile and quick to lock Megan in painful grapevine pins, body scissors, and even caught her in a very humiliating, reverse, smothering, schoolgirl pin that had Megan frantically gasping for breath as she struggled to escape. After Megan got over the shock and awe, she poured it on, coming back with reverse body scissors, headlocks and full body pins...more






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