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Monica is a latina hottie, who has fantastic legs and calves. She knows how to apply a crushing scissor hold with them. Although relatively new to wrestling, she has faced a couple of the most experienced and toughest wrestlers around, and has done well competing with them each time.

Monica's videos

  • WW25 Gia Primo vs. Monica, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW16 Mutiny vs. Monica, Female Submission Wrestling



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Mutiny vs. Monica

Newcomer, Monica wrestles against experienced wrestler, Mutiny, in a submissions only match, which could best be described as competitive and sensual. Monica gives Mutiny a tough fight, using her upper body strength to put Mutiny in painful holds and forcing a couple of early submissions. Mutiny soon realizes that just because her opponent is new to wrestling that she'll still have to work hard to earn herself a victory. Mutiny applies many strong bodyscissors to Monica, who fights through the pain until she can regain the top position and puts Mutiny in some tight headlocks until the tide of battle turns in Mutiny's favor again. Both wrestlers have pride, want to win and don't like losing. Sometimes they continue wrestling after a submission without taking a break...more


Monica vs. Gia Primo

In this match, Gia must face our very fit and strong latina, Monica Villalobos. Compared to Gia's about a decade of experience, Monica has about a year of wrestling experience, but Monica works out in the gym 5 times a week and does cardio 4 times a week. When we asked her if she felt intimidated by Gia's years of wrestling, grappling, jiu-jitsu and all around fighting experience, her response was that she has no fear of any opponent and has lots of endurance and toughness, which help her withstand and escape punishing holds and scissors. Gia and Monica are very close in size, and have beautiful figures. Gia looks like an action figure built for physical combat, and Monica thighs and calves look very strong...more


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