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Mutiny is a very popular female wrestler. She's from Canada, has a delightful French accent, a lot of wrestling experience, and is proudly bisexual. Her matches for WomanvsWoman have been hot as hell, fighting with our girls, Monica, Samantha and Larissa. We hope to film more great matches with this beautiful and skilled wrestler.

Mutiny's videos

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  • WW20 Mutiny vs. Samantha, Topless Pins Rematch
  • ER13 Mutiny vs. Larissa, Sensual Erotic Catfight
  • WW16 Mutiny vs. Monica, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW9 Mutiny vs. Samantha, Topless Pins Wrestling



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Mutiny vs. Samantha

This rematch is one that has been long overdue! Mutiny and Samantha wrestled for us for the first time a couple years ago. The rivalry between these two bootylicious beauties has remained a serious matter for each of them. One wants to humiliate the other even worse than before, and the other wants to exact her revenge so the other will know that she may have won a battle but lost the war. The girls meet wearing bikini tops and sexy miniskirts in a secluded apartment with mats ready for the fight to prove who is the best fighter. Taunting one another, they strip out of their miniskirts. Samantha at 5 ft. 10 in. has a huge height advantage, so Mutiny wastes no time in tackling her down to the mat. Mutiny attacks are strong, but Samantha fights back. Soon tops are removed both forcefully and voluntarily, and lots of tight, close, body to body, breast to breast, crotch against crotch struggling ensues, as this is a pins only match...more


Mutiny vs. Larissa

Both girls agreed to a wrestling match with the winner being determined as the one who earned the most submissions or orgasms from the loser.

Although this match is topless, not fully nude, it may be the most erotic fight that we have produced! It also runs longer than our matches usually do because they just keep going at it. Sexy, petite, Russian newcomer, Larissa, wrestles against experienced wrestler, Mutiny. Both girls are up to the challenge of giving the most orgasms to the other to prove themself the better woman. Tribad, pussy to pussy grinding, facesitting, intertwined thighs rubbing against crotches. These girls will use anything to get the other one off: legs, calves, feet, hands, lips, kissing, breast grabbing, etc. The verbal exchanges back and forth only add to the heat...more


Mutiny vs. Monica

Newcomer, Monica wrestles against experienced wrestler, Mutiny, in a submissions only match, which could best be described as competitive and sensual. Monica gives Mutiny a tough fight, using her upper body strength to put Mutiny in painful holds and forcing a couple of early submissions. Mutiny soon realizes that just because her opponent is new to wrestling that she'll still have to work hard to earn herself a victory. Mutiny applies many strong bodyscissors to Monica, who fights through the pain until she can regain the top position and puts Mutiny in some tight headlocks until the tide of battle turns in Mutiny's favor again. Both wrestlers have pride, want to win and don't like losing. Sometimes they continue wrestling after a submission without taking a break...more


Mutiny vs. Samantha

THIS MATCH IS 37 MINUTES LONG! Fans have dubbed this match, "The Battle of the Bootys". And they are "beauties" too! And yes, these 2 girls have quite possibly the finest asses in wrestling. Mutiny, a very sexy wrestler from Montreal, came to visit WomanvsWoman.Com and challenged our beautiful Samantha to a pins only wrestling match. Pins were counted by a referee to a count of 5, and then to add humiliation to the loser, were counted out from 6 to 10 by the victor. The pins utilized consisted of grapevines, full body press pins, cross body pins, and matchbook pins (no schoolgirl pins). As you can imagine, the entire match is full of very close, tight body to body, girl on girl action, as these ladies rolled across the mats with each one using her whole body to literally squash the other one onto the mat. Aside from the tight scissoring around each other's thighs, no scissor holds or submission holds were used...more






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