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Samantha is a tall, light skinned, beautiful model with incredibly long, strong legs, curvy hips, and a perfect derrière. Her specialty holds are using those legs for grapevine pins and crushing scissor holds. She has a very sweet and demure personality, but she is tough and wrestles very well for someone brand new to wrestling.

Samantha says, "In wrestling I don't really feel intimidated by a man at all; a woman can sometimes be a little intimidating." After a tough match with Zefora, Samantha challenged her to a 40 minute rematch in oil. She has promised to make Zefora beg to be released from her grapevine pin.

She has a lot of fans and has done 8 matches for Woman vs Woman.

Samantha's videos

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  • GG1.2 Samantha vs. Robert, Mixed Wrestling
  • WW1.2 Samantha vs. Butterfly, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW2.2 Samantha vs. Zefora, Female Submission Wrestling
  • WW5 Samantha vs. Butterfly, Topless Wrestling Rematch
  • WW8 Gia Primo vs. Samantha, Catfighting
  • WW9 Mutiny vs. Samantha, Topless Pins Wrestling
  • WW11 Cleopatra vs. Samantha, Topless Submission Wrestling
  • WW20 Mutiny vs. Samantha, Topless Pins Wrestling Rematch



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Cleopatra vs. Samantha

Samantha loves to wrestle these days more than ever, and was excited to be doing a topless submissions-only match with someone as tall as herself and also heavier. Cleopatra outweighs Samantha by 21 pounds. The ladies locked up to do battle first with their tops on, and about 6 minutes into the fight remove them. The women wrestled in tight very close to each other as they rolled across the mat. Breast to breast struggling and in close scissored thighs as each woman tries to crush the other flat against the mat. Both women have perfect breasts and use them in smothering pins. Lots of body scissors are used by both women, and Samantha uses her favorite pin, the grapevine, several times...more


Gia Primo vs. Samantha

Gia and Samantha tussled from one bed to another locking each other in scissor holds, grapevines, and smothering holds to submissions of pain or mere exhaustion. Gia did a lot of trash talking as she stretched Samantha out in some painful holds. Samantha spent a lot of time in humiliating schoolgirl and smother pins; she hung on for a long time and sometimes escaped, but usually the punishment was too much and she was made to submit to the dominant Gia. At times it seemed that Samantha might even be enjoying the abuse that Gia is more than happy to give, as Gia taunted and teased her...more


Samantha vs. Butterfly

Samantha (pink bikini) shows great natural ability against Butterfly (leopard bikini) by spreading her legs wide apart in a tortuous grapevine pin. Samantha has long, strong, sexy legs and tries attacking Butterfly with scissor holds, but Butterfly defends herself well and retaliates with her own scissors. Entertaining wrestling, and Samantha's gorgeous ass in that thong! H-O-T! Samantha challenged Butterfly to a topless rematch following the match....more


Samantha vs. Robert

Sexy model Samantha begins her match cautiously and Robert takes advantage of that by scissoring and holding her in long pins. Samantha gives up when he finally squeezes her hard in a body scissors. After that she decides that she has had enough of his aggressiveness and completely flattens him with "on your face" schoolgirl pins and breast smothers, not to mention an awesome grapevine and crushing scissor holds that have him groaning in pain. Don't get this model angry; she can really kick ass...more












Mutiny vs. Samantha

This rematch is one that has been long overdue! Mutiny and Samantha wrestled for us for the first time a couple years ago. The rivalry between these two bootylicious beauties has remained a serious matter for each of them. One wants to humiliate the other even worse than before, and the other wants to exact her revenge so the other will know that she may have won a battle but lost the war. The girls meet wearing bikini tops and sexy miniskirts in a secluded apartment with mats ready for the fight to prove who is the best fighter. Taunting one another, they strip out of their miniskirts. Samantha at 5 ft. 10 in. has a huge height advantage, so Mutiny wastes no time in tackling her down to the mat. Mutiny attacks are strong, but Samantha fights back. Soon tops are removed both forcefully and voluntarily, and lots of tight, close, body to body, breast to breast, crotch against crotch struggling ensues, as this is a pins only match...more


Mutiny vs. Samantha

THIS MATCH IS 37 MINUTES LONG! Fans have dubbed this match, "The Battle of the Bootys". And they are "beauties" too! And yes, these 2 girls have quite possibly the finest asses in wrestling. Mutiny, a very sexy wrestler from Montreal, came to visit WomanvsWoman.Com and challenged our beautiful Samantha to a pins only wrestling match. Pins were counted by a referee to a count of 5, and then to add humiliation to the loser, were counted out from 6 to 10 by the victor. The pins utilized consisted of grapevines, full body press pins, cross body pins, and matchbook pins (no schoolgirl pins). As you can imagine, the entire match is full of very close, tight body to body, girl on girl action, as these ladies rolled across the mats with each one using her whole body to literally squash the other one onto the mat. Aside from the tight scissoring around each other's thighs, no scissor holds or submission holds were used...more


Samantha vs. Butterfly

Butterfly really wants to get even with our tall, pretty model. Samantha's body is truly a gift from heaven! Butterfly begins the match by immediately forcing Samantha to suffer in head scissors to the point where you hear Samantha whimper and cry as she struggles in vain to escape. Samantha is ready to fight back hard after the first fall by utilizing scissors, headlocks, and attempts an interesting kind of reverse grapevine on Butterfly. But Butterfly continues to squeeze Samantha to her satisfaction in any type of scissor hold she can get. One time she slams Samantha on her back very hard as she locks a tight scissors around her arm and neck together! You'll love seeing her struggle as Butterfly really stretches her out in a painful combination full nelson/bodyscissors. Samantha was so frustrated from being scissored to death that at one point that she resorted to hitting Butterfly with a fist on her thigh...more


Samantha vs. Zefora

Zefora likes to fight hard and never lose. Samantha is a tall, sexy, ebony model with a perfect, large, round ass who came today ready to give her all against her opponent. These girls roll all over the place in and out of smothering pins and scissor holds. Zefora relentlessly squeezes Samanatha in body scissors that sound painful when the model fights through the pain until she can turn the tables on this tough, Columbian girl. Wait until you see Zefora earn a submission from Samantha with a full nelson that has her pressing Samantha's face down hard into the mat while she wimpers in pain! This match was fun as bikini tops were hardly able to stay in place, as the quite competitive action ensued. The girls fight long and hard for every fall...more


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