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Sheila is a wrestler and female bodybuilder from Spain. She arrived straight from a bodybuilding competition for her two wrestling matches for us. Her contest shape and physique was amazing. Her body is so lean and muscular, yet so gorgeously feminine. Her strength and scissors are very impressive.

Sheila Rock's videos

  • WW27 Sheila Rock vs. Storm, Pins Wrestling
  • GG8 Sheila Rock vs. Robert, Mixed Wrestling / Scissor Session



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Sheila Rock vs. Storm

At the time this video was filmed, both women were in town to also compete in a Pro Bodybuilding competition, and both were in incredible shape for the contest! These girls are totally ripped and shredded!! You can see the amazing physique of both wrestlers in the poses they do before the match, but especially as they flex their muscles in their struggle to pin each other down. Sheila's and Storm's arms, shoulders, traps, delts and back muscles bulge insanely as they attempt to crush one another into the mat, body to body, to win. The women circle slowly and cautiously, then charge at each other, lock hands together and press their breasts together, as each wrestler tries to force the other down onto the mat. Thighs scissored, tight full body press pins, and more pins...more


Sheila Rock vs. Robert

Mixed Wrestling Session with Sheila Rock

Sheila Rock is a Pro Figure and Fitness Competitior from Spain. This short movie is an excellent display of Sheila's power and strength delivered in a mixed wrestling private session's format. She laughs and delights in dominating her male victim, crushing him in tight, powerful headscissors, pinning him in a long and humiliating grapevine, and using sleepers and choke holds to finish him and pose above him with her foot on his stomach and his face...more




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