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Storm is a super hot, fitness model, figure competitor and personal trainer. Prior to wrestling for us, Storm had done messy wrestling in college, like pancake batter, mayonnaise and jello wrestling.

Storm's videos

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  • WW23 Storm vs. Amy, Female Submissions Wrestling
  • WW24 Storm vs. Lee (Dark Angel), Female Submissions Wrestling
  • WW27 Storm vs. Maria Garcia, Pins Only Wrestling
  • GG10 Storm vs. Robert, Mixed Wrestling



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Storm vs. Amy

Amy is a tough, strong, sexy biker babe with dangerous curves and cool tattoos who has been in some fights before, but this will be her first time trying submission wrestling. Storm is a super hot, fitness model, figure competitor and personal trainer. Storm has done messy wrestling in college, like pancake batter, mayonnaise and jello wrestling. The match begins slowly as both girls feel each other out and test their strength against one another. They roll around on the mat trying to pin each other down or attempt to lock on a body scissors...more


Storm vs. Lee, Dark Angel

Sexy, muscle girl, Storm is the opponent that was chosen for Lee. The big question on everyone's mind was, "Would Lee's skill and experience give her the advantage, or would Storm be ready to use that perfect weapon of a body and her strength to defeat the respected veteran?" When the girls met for the first time, it was obvious that they both had a lot of respect for each other. Lee seemed even just a little intimidated by Storm's size and muscularity. Storm has been getting into contest shape since her tough match here against Amy, and it definitely showed in her shoulders, arms and back....more


Maria Garcia vs. Storm

At the time this video was filmed, both women were in town to also compete in an IFBB Pro Bodybuilding competition, and both were in incredible shape for the contest! These girls are totally ripped and shredded!! You can see the amazing physique of both wrestlers in the poses they do before the match, but especially as they flex their muscles in their struggle to pin each other down. Maria and Storm's arms, shoulders, traps, delts and back muscles bulge insanely as they attempt to crush one another into the mat, body to body, to win. The women circle slowly and cautiously, then charge at each other, lock hands together and press their breasts together, as each wrestler tries to force the other down onto the mat. Thighs scissored, tight full body press pins, and more pins...more


Storm vs. Robert

This is Storm's first ever mixed wrestling match. She was a little nervous, so we decided to make it a one fall match. The first wrestler to submit would be the loser after one submission. Storm had recently been competing in a figure competition, so she was really in excellent shape. Initially, they decided to test Storm's bodyscissors and headscissors on Robert to see how much he could take. Storm squeezed down very hard on him, but it still took him a while to succumb to the strength of her powerful thighs. When they begin to wrestle, Storm approached him cautiously and with some trepidation, which Robert immediately took advantage of. Most of this match is dominated by the male, so for fans, who like to see the women struggling against a male opponent, will really enjoy this short match. Storm eventually turns up the fire, and goes on the attack after she's had enough of being "manhandled". When someone does finally submit, it is very quick because of the painful hold used....more





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