GG5 Jennifer Thomas vs Robert

Mixed Wrestling for Submissions

GG5 - Jennifer Thomas vs. Robert
Run time:
19 min. 08 sec.


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GG5 Mixed Wrestling for Submissions with Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is a skilled wrestler and bodybuilder and despite her small size, 5 feet 1 inch and 135 lbs., can wrestle with men much larger than her. Jennifer travels extensively throughout the U.S. and does mixed wrestling sessions. She specializes in submission wrestling and lift and carry. Some of her statistics are: quads: 23", biceps 11", bench 225 lb max, full squat 275 lb max, leg press 800 lb. max, 65 lb. dumbbell each hand of standing shoulder press.

Jennifer arrived in top shape, determined, and ready to win all 5 submissions in this match. Robert is 5 feet 10 inches and 165 lbs., hits the gym and felt very confident that he'd be earning more submissions than she would. Jennifer utilized many painful holds or sometimes a combination of holds to gain a submission from him, like a reverse triangle hold with an arm bar. Robert tried desperately to resist submitting to a girl that he could easily pick up in the air over his head, which at one point in frustration over her constant headlock attacks he actually did!

Jennifer strained and struggled when he would try controlling and overpowering her with his size and strength, and when Jennifer would free herself, she would punish him in so many great holds and really had to work him over hard to get a submission from him. You'll see neck-wrenching headlocks, forward and reverse head scissors, body scissors, grapevine, reverse triangle/facesitting, schoolgirl pins, armbars...etc.

There were 5 submissions in all during the match. Robert was not an easy match for Jennifer, and she even had to inflict some real pain on him in order to win the submissions she earned. The match turned out to be a surprise for both wrestlers. They were great sports after the match, and joked about who will win a future rematch.


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