GG7 Lee, Dark Angel vs Bruttas

Uneven Mixed Wrestling, Big Man versus Small Woman

GG7 - Lee, Dark Angel vs. Bruttas
Run time:
19 min. 21 sec.


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GG7 Uneven Mixed Wrestling Match, First to 3 Submissions

This isn't your ordinary mixed wrestling match up, but Lee isn't one to back away from any challenge man or woman, even when the guy seems about 3 times her size. Lee has been doing more weight training and is looking very fit. Anyone who has wrestled her also knows that her legs are really dangerous. Being caught in her scissors is intensely painful for most and submission usually comes quick, but she has all she can do to get her legs wrapped around him. Bodyscissors, what? Not happening, so she resorts to using scissor holds on his head, neck and around his arm/neck to barely much effect. Lee is squeezed in some tight bearhugs and he even snaps on a few bodyscissors on her. Those are some painful sounds she makes while being squeezed to death. How much will she suffer? Can she do any damage to this guy?


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Cleopatra in POV Topless Mixed Wrestling Domination

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Lee, Dark Angel vs. Robert

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Jennifer Thomas vs. Robert.

Jennifer arrived in top shape, determined, and ready to win all 5 submissions in this match. Robert is 5 feet 10 inches and 165 lbs., hits the gym and felt very confident that he'd be earning more submissions than she would. Jennifer utilized many painful holds or sometimes a combination of holds to gain a submission from him, like a reverse triangle hold with an arm bar. Robert tried desperately to resist submitting to a girl that he could easily pick up in the air over his head, which at one point in frustration over her constant headlock attacks he actually did! Jennifer strained and struggled when he would try controlling and overpowering her with his size and strength, and when Jennifer would free herself, she would punish him in so many great holds and really had to work him over hard to get a submission from him. You'll see neck-wrenching headlocks, forward and reverse head scissors, body scissors, grapevine, reverse triangle/facesitting, schoolgirl pins, armbars...more



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