POV1 Cleopatra POV Topless Mixed Wrestling

POV Topless Mixed Wrestling Domination with Cleopatra

POV1 - Cleopatra POV Mixed Wrestling
Run time:
16 min. 35 sec.


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POV1 Cleopatra POV Topless Mixed Wrestling Domination

Today Cleopatra is here to wrestle and dominate you. At 5 feet 10 inches tall and 165 pounds, she is built like a “brick house”, and her thick, sexy body and sensuous curves reminds us a little of a famous, powerful, ebony tennis star you might have seen. Cleopatra doesn’t just have a great body; she also has a very pretty face and smile. She’s a dominatrix, as well as, a wrestler. We want you to really have the feeling of being in a real session match with every beautiful wrestler we film with. What you will see and what you will hear will have you right in the middle of the action of a hot session match.

We asked her to essentially do for us what she likes to do when giving a session, and did not direct her in any way. The idea is to have each wrestler that we film POV with deliver exactly what you would receive in a session. We want them to be themselves, and bring their own personality, their preferred style of fighting/wrestling, and use the holds and moves that they like to do to a man, etc.

Cleopatra obviously has a great time doing what she does best, and slaps, chokes, punches, kicks, smothers with those huge, perfect tits and thick sexy round ass. She gets topless around halfway through the match, and does more breast smothering, facesitting, schoolgirl pins, scissoring, and tight, painful grapevine pins. We hope that you enjoy watching her at work, and look forward to bring you more exciting videos in this format.!

We've seen POV videos that have the woman doing it with a stationary camera. Our concept for POV is a little different; we have a male wear a 1080p HD camera while wrestling the girl. We may also use other HD cameras to capture the “fly on the wall” angles and mix in those when it offers a better view of the girl wrestler instead of the face on view while she's fighting you.


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Maria Queen POV Mixed Wrestling

Meet Maria from Brazil. She says that she is the queen, and intends to prove it for you today. She is from Brazil and well trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She knows submission holds that will have you tapping fast if she wants to exert pressure. She is a very fit, petite ball of fire with a tight, beautiful body in that Brasil thong bikini. Forward and reverse scissorholds, pins, triangle, rear naked choke, jiu-jitsu armbars and wrist locks with her foot inserted in mouth. She will make you kiss her muscles. We asked her to essentially do for us what she likes to do when giving a session, and did not direct her in any way. The idea is to have each wrestler that we film POV fighting with deliver exactly what you would receive in a session...more


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Introducing Cleopatra! This Nubian goddess is so amazingly hot! We are extremely proud to feature her in our roster of wrestling stars! Such a beautiful face, sexy bedroom eyes, lovely smile, and a body with more curves than the Autobahn! "She's a brick...house!" These tall, buxom girls roll and twist themselves into the hottest positions and holds all throughout this sexfight challenge. Cleopatra said, "I prefer to do erotic matches with girls over any other type of match." Megan shares some of the same sentiments, and had been looking forward to wrestling a tall, busty challenger like herself...more


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This is a nude wrestling match. Cleopatra has a significant height and weight advantage over our petite and very athletic, Taylor Knix. But Taylor is not one to be under estimated; big things sometimes come in small packages. Taylor's very strong for her size, and has a tight, fitness hard body. The girls start off with an arm wrestling match to see who has the superior upper body strength before starting their wrestling match. The ladies agreed to fight totally nude, and begin in bikinis that are torn off almost immediately. Cleopatra's tiny bikini can barely contain her sexy, voluptuous body to begin with. The fight is on, and the naked battle rages back and forth with lots of give and take. Taylor manages to get a hellacious grapevine pin on Cleopatra…more


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