TL10 Vanessa Lynn vs Erica

Competitive Topless Female Submission Wrestling

TL10 - Vanessa Lynn vs. Erica
Run time:
23 min. 21 sec.


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TL10 Competitive Topless Female Submission Wrestling

Younger versus Older. Vanessa is 19 years old. Erica is 31 years old.

This was the first wrestling match ever for both of these lovely ladies. Erica, a dancer, was a little nervous at first. Vanessa took to the mat like she was born on one. Eventually, Erica's nervous laughter stopped, as she realized that she'd better fight back to avoid getting humiliated by Vanessa, who obviously was having fun controlling the match.

Erica fought back hard, hoping to gain an edge and contain the energetic girl and caught Vanessa in some scissors and schoolgirl pins. Vanessa would escape Erica's holds and punish her with body scissors, headlocks and a several tight pins (breast to breast, schoolgirl, and even reverse facesitting.

The groans and grunts that you hear from Erica as Vanessa body scissors her are the sounds of a woman in real pain! Erica hung in there though and never stopped fighting. This match had several heightened moments of intensity, as Vanessa was more than glad to use any part of her fine body as a weapon against poor Erica. A very exciting, entertaining, competitive, topless match between 2 very beautiful rookies.


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