WW1.1 Zefora vs Mia

Female Submission Wrestling

WW1.1 - Zefora vs. Mia
Run time:
18 min. 40 sec.


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WW1.1 Female Submission Wrestling

This is the first wrestling match that either one of these ladies has ever had. These amateur wrestlers are fun to watch as they attempt to utilize unfamiliar holds and do a lot of pinning for a submissions only wrestling match. Watching two women with very little experience and training wrestle each other can make for a very interesting, spontaneous match.

Zefora (blue/yellow bikini) finds her power using neck wrenching headlocks and pins against Mia (black sports bra/black bikini bottom), who struggles endlessly to get Zefora off of her. The action is fast since Zefora is not afraid to get aggressive with Mia. Mia's neck was really sore after this match. Throughout the match Zefora exhibits good defensive wrestling by always using her legs to scissor Mia's thighs and denying her an opportunity to scissor her.


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Zefora vs. Samantha

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Treasure vs. Zefora

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