WW15 Flame vs Taylor Knix

Competitive Female Submission Wrestling

WW15 - Flame vs. Taylor
Run time:
20 min. 29 sec.


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WW15 Competitive Female Submission Wrestling

Get ready for fireworks! Fire red-haired Flame gets into a catty, submissions-only battle with feisty, trash-talking, athletic Taylor. Although this was her second sanctioned wrestling match ever, Flame had previous experience from friendly matches that she had with other women. Taylor does not like to be dominated, but she had a tough time fighting against Flame, whose size and experience enabled her to stay on top for long periods, as Taylor burned up her energy struggling to escape. Determined Taylor eventually would break free and lock Flame in hold after hold, until she escaped to smother Taylor into the mat again. Taylor is very flexible and a treat to watch as she escapes and captures opponents in very unconventional and surprising holds, not to mention her mouth rarely stops. Taunting and teasing her opponents is her way of fighting the psychological battle on the mat. If you like a submission match with non-stop, back and forth action between women who obviously do not like one another, then watch this one.


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Jennifer Thomas vs. Flame

Stunning, fiery, red-haired Flame has some stiff competition as she makes her debut match against very experienced, fitness competitor, bodybuilder, and pro/submission wrestler, Jennifer Thomas aka. Kharma. Flame stands up to the physical test bravely and proudly. Although this was her first sanctioned wrestling match ever, Flame had experience from private matches that she had with other women. She demonstrated that experience very well, arm baring, pinning and scissoring Jennifer Thomas. Jennifer was not to be outdone by this wild haired, sexy fighter and the match became more and more aggressive between these wildcats as the struggle continued. This match features armlocks, headlocks, reverse headlocks, cross pins, facesitting, smother pins, body and double body scissors, grapevine pins and lots of hot close body to body action...more


Jennifer Thomas vs. Taylor

Taylor Knix is a sexy, petite, feisty wrestler with a sassy attitude and taunts her opponents with a lot of trash talking. We thought that matching her up against experienced, super fit, pro and submission wrestler, Jennifer Thomas, might get her to show some respect for an opponent. We couldn't have been more wrong. If nothing else, it encouraged Taylor to act even bitchier. If she was intimidated by Jennifer in any way at all, she never let it show. Taylor is a small girl, but she's very athletic. It was easy to see the frustration on Jennifer's face as she wrestled against a wild and relentless Taylor. Jennifer's experience enabled her to control the match most of the time, but Taylor proved to be tough competition for the stronger Jennifer, using unconventional moves and catching her in a choking headscissors...more


Cleopatra vs. Taylor

Cleopatra has a significant height and weight advantage over our petite and very athletic, Taylor Knix. But Taylor is not one to be under estimated; big things sometimes come in small packages. Taylor's very strong for her size, and has a tight, fitness hard body. The girls start off with an arm wrestling match to see who has the superior upper body strength before starting their wrestling match. The ladies agreed to fight totally nude, and begin in bikinis that are torn off almost immediately. Cleopatra's tiny bikini can barely contain her sexy, voluptuous body to begin with. The fight is on, and the naked battle rages back and forth with lots of give and take. Taylor manages to get a hellacious grapevine pin on Cleopatra…more


Megan Jones vs. Taylor

Taylor Knix and Megan Jones start this oil wrestling match by oiling themselves up for the camera. First Megan oils herself, then Taylor oils herself, then Megan oiling Taylor, and finally Taylor oiling Megan. The ladies really seem to enjoy applying it and how the oil feels when their bodies press together and slip and slide. In spite of that though, they really do have quite a competitive battle as they slip in and out of sexy reverse body scissors, full nelsons and very hot body to body pins. Taylor is very strong, athletic and feisty for a small girl. Wrestling comes very natural to her, and she enjoys squeezing Megan as long as she can before Megan slips away and the fight continues...more



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