WW23 Amy vs Storm

Competitive Female Submission Wrestling

WW23 - Amy vs. Storm
Run time:
18 min. 55 sec.


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WW23 Competitive Female Submission Wrestling

Amy is a tough, strong, sexy biker babe with dangerous curves and cool tattoos who has been in some fights before, but this will be her first time trying submission wrestling. Storm is a super hot, fitness model, figure competitor and personal trainer. Storm has done messy wrestling in college, like pancake batter, mayonnaise and jello wrestling.

The match begins slowly as both girls feel each other out and test their strength against one another. They roll around on the mat trying to pin each other down or attempt to lock on a body scissors. After about 5 minutes of wrestling, both girls are sweating profusely and are beginning to get tired. Eventually, one manages to lock on a textbook side bodyscissor hold, exerting pressure until the other has no choice but to submit.

After the first submission, each girl has a better sense of her opponent, and the fight immediately gets more intense. The girls really like to attack each other from a standing position as they try to take each other down. Are Storm's muscles going to outmatch biker babe Amy's toughness and natural fighting ability? Their bodies become tightly entangled, breast to breast and scissored thighs, as they roll all over one another, trying to maintain the top position. Both girls get more and more aggressive using schoolgirl pins, headlocks and scissor holds. It's clearly obvious that Amy likes dominating Storm, and enjoys being on top. But Storm is a very strong girl with determination and heart. At one point Storm escapes from Amy, quickly scurries to the corner of the mat, then lunges through the air like a tigress, tackling Amy hard, slamming her down to the mat like a football player sacking a quarterback. Amy got the air knocked out of her, but continues to fight on her back from her guard as Storm squeezes her in a bearhug.

These girls both compete well for newcomers, and use headlocks, body scissors, even a full nelson, grapevine, and something that looked like a half camel clutch. But probably the most enjoyable thing about watching these two girls wrestling, is how they try to take each other down from the standing position, and how they grapple with each other, desperately trying to always be the girl on top. They would lock up so hard each time they'd start fighting, and if they couldn't bring each other down, they would break apart and attack again harder every time.

We can't wait to see how these sexy hardbodies perform against our more experienced wrestlers after we give them some more training. Look for both of these women to earn their reputations as fierce competitors for WomanvsWoman.Com.


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