WW24 Storm vs Lee, Dark Angel

Best 2 of 3 Submission Wrestling

WW24 - Storm vs. Lee, Dark Angel
Run time:
25 min. 42 sec.


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WW24 Best 2 of 3 Submission Wrestling

Back from a long break and hotter than ever, we've got Lee Ann Ward, the Dark Angel of wrestling. After suffering a torn ACL during a match, Lee was forced to take a unexpected hiatus from wrestling. But now she's back and wrestling in the true form that we know her so well for. This match was commissioned by a private collector and one of Lee's biggest fans. Lee earned her reputation as a force to be reckoned with in women's wrestling for her tenacity and determination, not to mention her python legs and crushing scissor holds.

Sexy, muscle girl, Storm is the opponent that was chosen for Lee. The big question on everyone's mind was, "Would Lee's skill and experience give her the advantage, or would Storm be ready to use that perfect weapon of a body and her strength to defeat the respected veteran?" When the girls met for the first time, it was obvious that they both had a lot of respect for each other. Lee seemed even just a little intimidated by Storm's size and muscularity. Storm has been getting into contest shape since her tough match here against Amy, and it definitely showed in her shoulders, arms and back.

Lee started the match on the attack, using her powerful scissors on Storm's ripped mid-section, smothering Storm with her perfect breasts, and utilizing holds that fans of Lee are more than familiar with. Not to be outdone by the dark beauty, Storm brought her A-game to this fight. There were moments when Storm put Lee in some very humiliating and tortuous positions. I can't remember when I've seen Lee struggling so much against another woman in brutal headscissor holds and tight schoolgirl pins. Lee takes a lot of punishment, but anyone familiar with her knows that she resists to her last breath before conceding defeat. It's really hot to see Lee on top and winning, but she really is spectacular to see on the bottom fighting for her life. Each wrestler earned a submission, and each girl fought hard for the third and final one for the win. Enjoy watching these sexy ladies fight to the finish!


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