WW28 Melania vs Kelli

Topless Competitive Submissions Wrestling

WW28 - Melania vs. Kelli
Run time:
16 min. 05 sec.


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WW28 Topless Competitive Submissions Wrestling

Introducing our 2 new wrestlers, Kelli and Melania. This rookies match starts out gradually like they usually will, but then these girls start going at it like total hellcats! These girls fight in what becomes a wild, topless, competitive, submissions wrestling match in their debut for us. Kelli had some training and novice experience in grappling and jiu-jitsu, and Melania had the height and weight advantage. Kelli is very fit, and reminds us a little of a professional MMA fighter turned actress. And who isn't blown away by such a sexy, curvaceous latina wrestler like Melania. This raven haired beauty stands at 5 feet 9 inches and has perfect 40DD breasts and a thick, round ass.

We wanted their first match to be fast paced and aggressive. We told them that the match would last for no less than 10 minutes, and if they were in the middle of fighting at the 10 minute mark, they would continue to fight until one submitted. Given the hard, intense wrestling in this match, this is a format we will be using again!

These girls are tough wrestlers with pride, and do not want to give up to each other at all. They get in and out of all kinds of different painful holds. Each fall the girls wrestle for several minutes before anyone would submit, and were very exhausted afterwards. Despite having a disadvantage in size, Kelli gives just as much as she takes. There are a lot of scissors in this match, and many times the girls would end up caught in double bodyscissors and headscissors. This match has just about everything you could ask for: rough, competitive action, crushing bodyscissors and headscissors, tight body to body wrestling for control, schoolgirl and matchbook pins, grapevines, painful single leg boston, leg locks, breast smothering, triangles, reverse chokes and on and on! We were very impressed with the girls' skill, drive to win and courage, and they will both be returning to battle with some of our veteran wrestlers here.


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