WW4 Valeria vs Samantha

Competitive Female Submission Wrestling

WW4 - Valeria vs. Samantha
Run time:
19 min. 45 sec.


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WW4 "Outclassed" Competitive Female Submission Wrestling

Brazilian girl, Valeria wrestles our light-skinned, ebony Samantha in a competitive submissions only match wearing a pink G-string bikini. Samantha looks as hot as ever in a dark blue thong bikini, and knows this match is going to be a tough fight. Valeria's jiu-jitsu moves were quick and surprising, especially to Samantha! Val also showed amazing wrestling ability with some incredible crushing smother pins and grapevines.

Samantha gave up a lot of falls, but fought back hard exacting a grapevine of her own! Valeria's skill and experience just seemed to be too much for poor Samantha, and Samantha becomes obviously upset with Valeria's dominating attacks. These ladies have such sexy bodies that your eyes are going to be glued to your screen!

This match features very close body to body wrestling, grapevines, smother pins, cradles, neck wrenching headlocks, and very quick jiu-jitsu moves. Lots of submissions throughout this match, 10 in all! For fans of Samantha, who like seeing her losing as much as winning, this video is a must have.


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Valeria vs. Mia

As Mia witnessed Samantha's match against jiu-jitsu specialist, Valeria, she knew this would be an extremely tough match to win or just keep from losing badly. Valeria's body looks so toned and sexy in her very skimpy pink bikini. These ladies hold nothing back and obviously use every ounce of their strength against each other. The close body to body contact maintained throughout the match is sexy as hell, and if you like brutally fast and hard takedowns you will be totally impressed with Val! Mia is very strong and proves it to Valeria by giving her all against her! But Valeria proves experience, lightning quick speed and skill are great weapons against pure strength, and controls the feisty Mia well...more


Samantha vs. Butterfly

Butterfly really wants to get even with our tall, pretty model. Samantha's body is truly a gift from heaven! Butterfly begins the match by immediately forcing Samantha to suffer in head scissors to the point where you hear Samantha whimper and cry as she struggles in vain to escape. Samantha is ready to fight back hard after the first fall by utilizing scissors, headlocks, and attempts an interesting kind of reverse grapevine on Butterfly. But Butterfly continues to squeeze Samantha to her satisfaction in any type of scissor hold she can get. One time she slams Samantha on her back very hard as she locks a tight scissors around her arm and neck together! You'll love seeing her struggle as Butterfly really stretches her out in a painful combination full nelson/bodyscissors. Samantha was so frustrated from being scissored to death that at one point that she resorted to hitting Butterfly with a fist on her thigh...more


Samantha vs. Robert

Samantha begins her match cautiously and Robert takes advantage of that by scissoring and holding her in long pins. Samantha gives up when he finally squeezes her hard in a body scissors. After that she decides that she has had enough of his aggressiveness and completely flattens him with "on your face" schoolgirl pins and breast smothers, not to mention an awesome grapevine and crushing scissor holds that have him groaning in pain. Don't get this model angry; she can really kick ass...more


Mutiny vs. Samantha

THIS MATCH IS 37 MINUTES LONG! Fans have dubbed this match, "The Battle of the Bootys". And they are "beauties" too! And yes, these 2 girls have quite possibly the finest asses in wrestling. Mutiny, a very sexy wrestler from Montreal, came to visit WomanvsWoman.Com and challenged our beautiful Samantha to a pins only wrestling match. Pins were counted by a referee to a count of 5, and then to add humiliation to the loser, were counted out from 6 to 10 by the victor. The pins utilized consisted of grapevines, full body press pins, cross body pins, and matchbook pins (no schoolgirl pins). As you can imagine, the entire match is full of very close, tight body to body, girl on girl action, as these ladies rolled across the mats with each one using her whole body to literally squash the other one onto the mat. Aside from the tight scissoring around each other's thighs, no scissor holds or submission holds were used...more



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