WW5 Samantha vs Butterfly

Topless Revenge Submissions Wrestling Rematch

WW5 - Samantha vs. Butterfly
Run time:
23 min. 45 sec.


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WW5 Topless Revenge Submissions Wrestling Rematch

This match was filmed with 2 cameras so you always have the best view during every second of this sexy, grudge match! After her first match against Butterfly (light pink), Samantha (bright pink thong) challenged her to a topless rematch! Butterfly really wants to get even with our tall, pretty model. Samantha's body is truly a gift from heaven! Butterfly begins the match by immediately forcing Samantha to suffer in head scissors to the point where you hear Samantha whimper and cry as she struggles in vain to escape.

Samantha is ready to fight back hard after the first fall by utilizing scissors, headlocks, and attempts an interesting kind of reverse grapevine on Butterfly. But Butterfly continues to squeeze Samantha to her satisfaction in any type of scissor hold she can get. One time she slams Samantha on her back very hard as she locks a tight scissors around her arm and neck together! You'll love seeing her struggle as Butterfly really stretches her out in a painful combination full nelson/bodyscissors. Samantha was so frustrated from being scissored to death that at one point that she resorted to hitting Butterfly with a fist on her thigh! Who triumphed in this topless battle? Who tasted the sweetest revenge? Download now and find out!


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Butterfly vs. Samantha

This is the first wrestling match that either one of these ladies has ever had. These novice wrestlers are fun to watch as they attempt to utilize unfamiliar holds and do a lot of pinning for a submissions only wrestling match. Watching two women with very little experience and training wrestle each other can make for a very interesting, spontaneous match. Samantha (pink bikini) shows great natural ability against Butterfly (leopard bikini) by spreading her legs wide apart in a tortuous grapevine pin. Samantha has long, strong, sexy legs and tries attacking Butterfly with scissor holds, but Butterfly defends herself well and retaliates with her own scissors. Entertaining wrestling, and Samantha's gorgeous ass in that thong…more


Treasure vs. Butterfly

A very highly rated competitive match. Butterfly (pink/black two piece) goes up against a very formidable adversary, Treasure (red bikini). Treasure is an incredibly strong bodybuilder/wrestler with amazing, defined muscles everywhere! This is one of our most aggressive and competitive matches filmed! The action is fast and furious for the entire match with brutal scissors, pins, and a back breaking submission when Butterfly is bent over backwards with her feet in front of her face! Butterfly puts up a truly incredible fight and shows great strength! We all knew she had it in her...more


Samantha vs. Robert

Samantha begins her mixed wrestling match cautiously, and Robert takes advantage of that by scissoring and holding her in long pins. Samantha gives up when he finally squeezes her hard in a body scissors. After that she decides that she has had enough of his aggressiveness and completely flattens him with "on your face" schoolgirl pins and breast smothers, not to mention an awesome grapevine and crushing scissor holds that have him groaning in pain. Don't get this model angry; she can really kick ass…more


Victoria vs. Samantha

Victoria faces our other super sexy model, Samantha, in her first match. They agreed to do this match with pins and submissions. Pins were for a five count making it a difficult thing to accomplish, especially in slippery oil. Watching these sexy models and hearing them groaning as they struggle to escape some of the schoolgirl and grapevine pins is a real treat. Samantha gets put in some scissors that have her submitting early in the match, so she retaliates with her special grapevine pin that she loves to use with those incredibly long legs of hers. Even in oil Victoria finds herself totally helpless to escape as Samantha spreads her legs wide and locks her legs up tightly for the 5 count. Samantha's experience helped her to control Victoria well, but she really has to fight hard to slip and push out of some of the scissors and the "on your face" schoolgirl pins Victoria puts her into...more



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