Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy videos? Buy only the videos you want. Instantly download them. Save on your computer. And you own them.

You can buy now and download later. Your login and password are valid for 7 days from your purchase date. Order confidently with 24/7 support and immediate secure credit card approval from CCBill.

All movies are available in MP4 and WMV format. Downloading must be done using a computer. Movie files cannot be downloaded using a phone.

Using a WIFI connection on broadband service, a 20 minute HD movie should take only 3 1/2 - 7 minutes to download.
We recommend a high speed Internet connection DSL or Broadband. HD 720p and 1080p movies are around 1-2 GB. Less recent DV quality movies are typically 300mb-700mb.


Does WomanvsWoman accept debit cards? Yes, both credit and debit cards are accepted. We accept Visa, Discover, JCB and most major credit and debit cards.


Is ordering online with WomanvsWoman.Com secure? Yes, we provide secure online transactions on our website with SSL encryption. On the page to enter your credit card information, you will see a lock icon or "https://" or both in your web browser's address bar; this indicates that you are on a secure page. You can be sure that your credit card and personal information are completely safe when you order online with us. Our credit card processor is CCBill, a global leader with online merchants, learn more about their services at


What appears on my credit card when I order? Is billing discreet? Yes, billing is discreet. Your credit card statement will show a charge from " CCBill*Global Inter "; the parent corporation of is Global Internet Marketing, Inc.


Why does CCBill refer to my video download purchase as a subscription? CCBill calls it a subscription because you have 7 days to download the video that you have purchased, even though it is a one time only puchase that you have made for one video.

Please know that your credit or debit card will only be charged one time for each video that you purchase. does NOT engage in recurring billing, ever.


Can I purchase WomanvsWoman videos as DVDs? Yes, please go to our DVDs Page to learn how.


Where is WomanvsWoman located? Miami Beach, Florida, USA.


How many new videos will be released in 2017? We have projected production for 2017 to be around 25-30 new videos possibly more featuring several new wrestlers, as well as, some previous favorites! Expect more POV wrestling, topless and nude catfights, sex fights, mixed wrestling, and some new genres, like POV boxing and gut punching, and much, much more!


Does make custom videos? Yes, we can film a custom video for you to own for your private viewing. Costs will vary given the complexity of the video. Please email us on our Contact page a brief summary of your idea, how many wrestlers, time length of video, costumes, budget, etc.


Can I schedule a wrestling match/session with a WomanvsWoman.Com wrestler? No. We do not offer wrestling matches or sessions at WomanvsWoman.

A couple resources for those interested in sessions wrestlers are or
Disclaimer: neither disclaims or affirms the integrity of the aforementioned websites or the persons advertised on them.



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